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One of the worst things that could happen to a wedding is a wedding full of regrets. Who wants to be reminiscing about a wedding filled with should haves and could haves? Definitely not the bride! Don’t you want your wedding to be remembered as something other brides aspire to, and not the cautionary tale for everyone else? 

So, to guide you in this decision-making process, here are the 13 things that brides regret not doing at their wedding that you may want to give more thought to before moving on with your wedding planning.

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Not spending enough money or spending too much

Wedding 101 is establishing your budget. Planning your wedding with an unrealistic budget may lead you to go beyond what you can afford. The last thing you want to deal with is a debt so large that it’ll put a strain on your married life. 

While it’s good to save money, many brides regret skimping on experiences. Think about your top priorities: dream wedding venue, dream setup, the wedding dress, that will help set the mood for your wedding. You can choose to spend more on these and less on the ones you could do without. The key is to properly allocate your wedding budget

Not spending the wedding night in a hotel

After all the hard work you’ve done prior to the wedding until the last clink of wine glasses on your reception, you and your newlywed husband deserve to stay in a nice hotel for the wedding night. A little relaxation after an exhausting day would be delightful. 

Not eating on your wedding day

You’ll be extremely busy on your wedding day. And you don’t want to be hangry or feel lightheaded in the middle of such a special event because you decided not to eat. Eating at your wedding is one of the things brides regret not doing. So, make eating a priority. 

Not preparing for your pictures

Not preparing enough for your photoshoot is one of the regrets brides have. At the end of the day, photos are one of the mementos of your wedding. Besides, your pictures will be anticipated by everyone so you want to look your absolute best in them. Know your good and bad angles and practice those poses!

Not giving the photographer a photo checklist

With lots of things happening on your wedding day, it would be difficult to keep track of everything. One of which would be the photos you want your photographer to capture. Give yourself a break and provide your photographer with a photo checklist before the wedding. That way, your only worry would be which poses to strike.

Not availing non-watermarked photos

Some watermarks are too distracting to be included in your wedding picture. Though you’ll spend a bit more, having clean, non-watermarked photos would give a better look and resolution. After all, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you don’t want your beautiful memory to be tainted with a logo that doesn’t blend well with your aesthetics.

Not packing a wedding day essentials kit 

Of course, it always pays to be prepared. Much more when it’s your own wedding day. So, pack all the things that you will absolutely need. And a few things for the “just in case” moments for when the unexpected happens. You can’t afford to be complacent and ruin your big day.

Not choosing the dress you wanted

Choose the dress that you love, and feel your best in. Otherwise, you’ll look back and regret your dress choice just because of somebody’s unsolicited comments. Always remember that your feelings are what matters in this decision. If you’re happy, then say yes to the dress! (Granted that this fits your budget.)

Not wearing comfortable wedding shoes

There‘s no doubt that your wedding heels will be beautiful. But think about the long hours during your reception. Just because beauty is pain doesn’t mean you have to endure aching feet while dancing through your wedding. Slipping into something more comfortable for later parts of the wedding would be ideal. 

Not caring enough for the first dance 

Yes, one of the things brides regret is not giving their first dance a second thought. Your first dance will be one of the romantic moments in your wedding. Pick a song that resonates with you as a couple, a song that brings sweet memories when heard. That gush of happiness is what you’re looking for when deciding which song to choose. Also, it’s best to choreograph and practice your first dance to avoid any awkward situation.

Inviting too many guests

Dealing with so many guests at your wedding will surely drain you of energy and resources. Let’s be real. Not all people on your guest list are your friends. Some you haven’t even met yet. Save yourself from unnecessary spending and only invite people who matter to you and your groom.

Not hiring a day-of wedding coordinator 

Have we not emphasized how busy you’ll get at your wedding? Crazy busy. So, hiring a day-of wedding coordinator will help you carry the burden of making sure your wedding is an astounding success. By doing this, you’ll be worry-free and actually enjoy your own wedding.

Not having a quality moment

It’s understandable to get caught up in the excitement of your day. But don’t forget the person who’s been by your side all this time. Have fun and spend quality time with your newlywed spouse. After all, this day is about celebrating your love for each other!

Now, we’re pretty sure you’ll make a sound decision and have a wedding that will most certainly not be filled with regrets. But with satisfaction and happiness! 



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