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Not all marriages are created equal. Some flourish, some fail. And if yours is one of the latter and you have finally decided to call it quits, we’re here to support you.

There’s no doubt this split may be one of the hardest experiences a person can go through. Even if it’s the right choice, pain is still inevitable. It’s completely normal to be overcome with a multitude of emotions. But as of late, more and more people choose to shut the door on this chapter of their lives by celebrating their divorce. Then they start anew.

There are many ways to celebrate a divorce such as burning mementos and burying wedding rings. While these sound satisfying to some extent, there are more festive ways to celebrate the end of your relationship. Let’s take a look at some!

Ways to Celebrate your Divorce


Divorce Parties

Divorce commemoration doesn’t need to be a full-on sob. Why not throw a divorce party? Definitely one of the more fun ways to celebrate your divorce! You can celebrate however you want. It may be intimate and formal or big and outrageous. There’s no stopping you. After all, it’s your party. If you’re not too keen on the planning part, party and event planners offer such type of shindig. They can help you plan your perfect divorce party!

Divorce Trip

If you’re not a party-type of person, and more of a chill one, you can always explore another option: the divorce trip. Take a trip with your friends, family, or if you want to do it alone, why not? Remember that this trip is for you so your priority? Yourself. You can have a relaxing getaway, do some thinking and do a bit of healing. Or you can choose to have an adventure to another country with your loved ones. Whatever floats your boat, really!

Do something you always wanted to do

There’s a sense of newfound independence and liberation that often comes with divorce. So, one way to celebrate divorce is to pursue something that you’ve always been meaning to do but haven’t had the chance to.

Have you always wanted a tattoo but your ex-husband didn’t like the idea of body art? Have you always wanted to try an extreme sport but your ex-husband told you women aren’t built for that? Now that you’re no longer bound by marriage, you can indulge in these whims without someone making you feel bad.

Reinvent yourself

With the whole ordeal behind you, you now have an opportunity to reinvent yourself, a version 2.0 that is new and improved. You can revamp your look and personal style or have a better health and beauty regimen. You can change the previous outlooks you have in life and come out as the best version of yourself.

People have different ways to cope and deal with divorce. You may choose to either mourn or celebrate. But as Murakami had said, we cannot simply sit and stare at our wounds forever. So, chin up and move on to the next possibilities.



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