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7 Ways to Make Your Event More Fun and Exciting

During a company event, engagement with your audience is one of the utmost priorities. Why? Because it makes your event fun and promotes awareness of your brand. And the more participants actively join your event, the better the experience for everyone involved. Now, how do you improve engagement with your audience? How do you ensure […]

8 Tips for Throwing Themed Parties

As exciting as it seems, throwing a party can pretty much be fueled with pressure. If you want to make the event thrilling for all involved, you have to elevate your party. One way to do that is to throw themed parties. Parties are a lot more entertaining when they are themed! Planning themed parties […]

10 Party Etiquette Tips Every Parent Must Know

Oh, how time flies so quickly! Your little angels, once attached and cannot be removed from your hips, are now receiving birthday invites from their classmates, with some from people you haven’t even met yet. And at some point, your kids would also ask for a party of their own. So, whether you’re on the […]

Things to Consider When Choosing Event Venues

When it comes to planning an event, one of the factors that can either make it or break it is the venue. Depending on your choice of venue, details such as the date of the event and your guests’ experience will vary.   Making this decision is a struggle because not only are there lots of […]

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Caterer

One of the most anticipated parts of any event is definitely the food. Even if there are some not-so-satisfactory sections in an event, good food will somehow make up for it. Serving good food gives guests a satisfactory feeling. So, it’s crucial to give it some thought when choosing a caterer for your event. It […]

How to Plan an Event: the Stages of Event Planning

Planning an event can really be a daunting task. But with the right formula, even a newbie can make a go of it. One just has to understand the structure of the whole rigorous process.  Event planning has an internal structure that one should follow to ensure the success of an event. Without this structure, […]

5 Corporate Event Ideas for Your Next Event

Corporate events are held for various reasons. But regardless of the type of event you’re throwing, one thing is for certain. You don’t want your attendees dreading the day of your event. Because let’s face it – sometimes these events can really be boring.  So, how do you stay relevant and interesting? How do you […]

Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

Weddings are a delight, yet most of them have a reputation of being wasteful. If you and your partner want to have a beautiful wedding without the guilt of producing more waste than you can even imagine, there are definitely lots of eco-friendly wedding options that you can integrate into your big day! And we […]

Clever Ideas to Attract People to Your Booth

Clever Ideas to Bring More People to Your Event Booth Stand

You have a new business, and as expected, they don’t immediately become a household name with new things. It requires a lot of hard work to get your brand within your prospects’ radar. So, how do you get the exposure for your brand and potentially generate clients? Trade show. Yes, a trade show. Trade shows […]

Real Estate Client Appreciation Event Ideas

Real Estate Client Event Ideas As a real estate agent, hosting client appreciation events and parties are a fantastic way to generate business and nurture relationships with your SOI. BUT hosting them creatively and making it consistent year after year is EVEN better! Plan and promote your event months in advance with safety protocols in […]