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Weddings are a delight, yet most of them have a reputation of being wasteful. If you and your partner want to have a beautiful wedding without the guilt of producing more waste than you can even imagine, there are definitely lots of eco-friendly wedding options that you can integrate into your big day!

And we know it’s challenging to plan a sustainable wedding, more so, if you haven’t figured out where to start yet. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll show you some ideas that you can consider in order to make your wedding eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas

  • Some couples choose to go paperless despite it being frowned upon by etiquette experts. But if you envision a physical invitation, you can minimize the amount of paper used by sourcing recycled paper. Use it for your save-the-dates, invitations, and thank you notes.
  • Also, to keep your wedding sustainable, you can opt to buy locally produced treats for your favors, or better yet, donate the money to your favorite charity!
  • Now, catering is one of the essentials at weddings. Go local for your food to cut some transportation costs and reduce your carbon footprint. And if you have leftovers, you can donate them too! Not only will you have less waste, but you’ll also be able to help those in need.
  • Add more green factors to your wedding by including green products for your wedding registry. You can even ask guests to skip the wrapping paper to reduce the amount of packaging your gifts come in.
  • For the brides, rings could be made sustainable as well. Ask your jeweler for stones that are recycled. However, if a diamond is your best friend, make sure it’s ethically sourced or you can opt for a lab-grown diamond. If those are not your cup of tea, you can choose to wear your family heirloom. That would make your wedding feel more sentimental. 
  • Of course, flowers are one of the ever-presents in wedding events. Ask your florist for the best choice for your wedding and make sure yours are organic. It’s not a necessity to have heaps of flowers. A simple, minimalistic set can make your wedding more sustainable.

Now, we know planning a wedding is not a walk in the park, so we’re here to assist you in accommodating your needs for your eco-friendly wedding. Let us handle the logistics and planning so you can have a sustainable and stress-free wedding!


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