CSM Simmon, signing off… 

Another one so close to home for me. CSM Simmon’s wife Charlotte reached out to me as she needed help with a surprise party for Jon. When she told me he’s retiring after serving 30 years in the Army, I was all IN!
30 freakin’ years needs to be celebrated for sure!

My client Charlotte wanted us to do this party exactly how Jon would want it to be. Simple. Clean and “Nothing on his grass!” And I can’t blame him, he has it so well maintained! He’s also the type that didn’t want anything “too much” – just a little bit of everything. We focused on personal things that meant to him- a custom MRE cake (they had an inside joke during his time in Army), catered BBQ, and a Retirement Table where we had a US map and we pinned every place he has ever been too and a scrapbook made with pictures of his time in the service and my VERY favorite part- I found him on FB and I saw that he posted his “Signing Off” message for all of friends and family. So I printed the his message out and so as the 250+ comments it received and I added it all on the scrapbook! His reaction to it make it all so worth it!

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