our Team

Auberry Drljic
Founder | Event Director

The busiest woman alive & THE doer of things

Auberry started Events by Aubérie after listening to a bunch of motivational “You Can Do It” dudes on YouTube. And with 50+ events under her belt in her lifetime, she figured it was time. Auberry is terrified of boring and typical events. You tell her what you envision, and she will always sparkle a little twist to it that you wouldn’t think is possible.

Milos Drljic
co-founder | event muscle

The financial Supporter & meltdown response team

Besides serving our country and saving lives, Milos also serves as Auberry’s bestie (husband) & emotional support. He’s the man behind our event set-ups and leads the best event clean-up crew! Milos has a keen eye for design details and loves giving unsolicited advice. He’s the reason Auberry loses sleep at night. What a match! :p

Joanne Lou Perez
Director of Operations

The coffee addict & the glue that holds everything

Joanne is the momma bear of all, especially of Events by Aubérie. She keeps track of EVERY single thing and is the epitome of a Spreadsheet master. Joanne is the confidant and the caller of any BS. She cracks the whip as well as jokes! Joanne loves the flexibility of her work schedule as much as she loves her 10+ dogs. Ö

Emily Andrade

A Foodie and a beach wanderer

If she’s not eating or watching her favorite shows and movies, she’s writing some badass, SEO worthy blog contents for Events by Aubérie. Emily is the newest member on our team but didn’t shy away from showcasing her skills in writing and her dance moves in TikTok! A Go-Getter trainee but she’s confident, proactive and gets her ish done! And when she gets a paycheck, she travels!

Charis Barbosa