Nina’s Touch Beauty

5.5 Years Business


This is an event that is incredibly close to my heart. Nina, the owner of Nina’s Touch Beauty is a dear friend of Events by Aubérie. I consider Nina to be my “battle buddy” as our husbands are on the same SF Team. They’re gone a lot and most of the time, Nina and I are alone just kicking ass in our businesses to keep us distracted from all the distance and the time alone we often experience.

Besides that, Nina is someone who I look up to as she’s extremely driven, has an incredible work ethic, absolutely passionate and is consistently bettering herself. She’s definitely one of “my people,” she gets it and she gets me. So when she asked me to help her with her event, I was so over the moon and I really wanted to do a good job. And so that’s what I did!

I knew how much this event meant to her and what it represented in her journey as a businesswoman. I knew how important this was to her and to everyone that has been a part of her journey. My goal was to make sure that she has THE BEST time, enjoy every second of it and not have to worry about a thing. And according to her, that’s exactly what I was able to accomplish!

Nina, thank you for trusting me and for letting me be a part of something as big as this. It meant the world to me! Can’t wait to celebrate more of your successes!

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