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Oh, how time flies so quickly! Your little angels, once attached and cannot be removed from your hips, are now receiving birthday invites from their classmates, with some from people you haven’t even met yet. And at some point, your kids would also ask for a party of their own. So, whether you’re on the receiving end of the invites or the ones sending them, as a super parent, you should equip yourself with some party etiquette tips for a successful event!

When Your Child is One of the Guests

Now, if your child is the one attending the party, here are some party etiquette tips you should take note of as a courtesy to the celebrant. 

Always RSVP

Invitations may take different kinds of forms – email, text, card – but one thing is for sure, the RSVP. One of the party etiquette tips you should not forget is to respond to invitations. Do this within a week at the longest to give the party-planning parents time to organize and estimate the number of guests attending the event. And if your child cannot attend for some reason, contact the host as soon as you can. This way, they can repurpose the things earmarked for your child. 

Whether to leave the kids or not

If the party invitation does not specify anything about parents staying or the guest being dropped off, give the host a call and ask. Also, remember to bring your child to the party on time. And if you’re dropping them off, pick them up on time as well. But if your child is not keen on being left behind, explain the situation to the host and offer help while you’re at the party. 

Remind your child of manners

One party etiquette a guest is expected to have is being on their best behavior. But kids being kids, they need some refresher course on good manners. It doesn’t hurt to remind your child of the things they’re allowed to do or not to do during the party.

Gift for the celebrant

A good party etiquette is to ask the parents about the celebrant’s interests. But don’t break the bank trying to please the celebrant. Spending $20-$30 is reasonable for a child’s birthday gift. After all, it’s about giving something to celebrate the child’s special day.


When Your Child is the Host

Now, if it is your child who is throwing the party, below are some party etiquette tips to consider.

Party Invitation

It is good party etiquette to invite the whole class if there are fewer than 10 kids. If it’s not possible, mail the invitations to the kids’ homes and inform the kids to avoid talking about the party at school to spare the feelings of the uninvited kids. 

Ask the invited guests to RSVP. And if the guests don’t confirm, give them a call to politely ask them about their attendance. Be specific on the invitations. If a guest can bring a parent or sibling, specify in the invitation given. Sometimes unexpected guests may show up regardless of what’s written in the invitation. The best party etiquette you can do is prepare for this by having extra food and favors.   

Celebrant’s Manners

It is the responsibility of the parents to prepare their child for their own party. One party etiquette tip is to ensure proper manners. Encourage your child to make sure everyone is having a good time during the party, and show gratitude for the guests’ gifts. 

Once the party is over, a thank you note that your child has written would be ideal. If they are not yet capable of writing, assist them or let them draw pictures to express thanks. This is to teach the child appreciation.

Games at the party

If you are having some games at your party, it’s good party etiquette to give prizes to all, including those who participated but lost. This way, no one feels bad about not receiving anything. 

Goodie Bags

Most parents are not enthusiastic about dollar-store goodie bags, so it’s good etiquette to skip them entirely. But if you cannot abandon such, consider giving out party favors that encourage family time instead, just like the celebrant’s favorite book. 

Guests’ Parents

If you’ve decided to include parents as chaperones in your party, a good party etiquette is to have food ready for them too. You wouldn’t want these parents to feel excluded by just letting them wait for the party to end. Include them in your headcount. It’s also a good idea to offer these adults beverages suited for them instead of juice boxes. 

Have Extra Food

Always be prepared for the unexpected. Having extra food is better than running low on food and ruining your party. Even at a drop-off party, some parents may grab a bite before leaving. 

Now, if you need help in planning your child’s birthday party, our team is just a type away. Reach out to us!



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