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When it comes to planning an event, one of the factors that can either make it or break it is the venue. Depending on your choice of venue, details such as the date of the event and your guests’ experience will vary.  

Making this decision is a struggle because not only are there lots of options to choose from but there are several things to consider when choosing an event venue. Inevitably, the hunt will take up so much time and energy as you need to carefully assess each venue. And you need to ensure that your venue checks all the boxes before giving it the thumbs up. 

This may sound exhausting and intimidating, but no need to stress. We’ve got you covered! To help you in this process, here’s the list of the things you need to consider when choosing your event venue. 

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Things to Consider When Choosing Event Venues


When choosing an event venue, the first thing that should come to mind is the budget. Pretty obvious, right? But some planners get so worked up with a venue that later on turns out to be a pie in the sky due to its exorbitant price. Do not waste precious time and effort planning an event in a venue you can’t afford. Be mindful of your budget and start working with a venue that’s within your price range. 

Location and Accessibility

Of course, it’s imperative to think about the location of your event and its accessibility when choosing an event venue. Your guests will be appreciative if your event can easily be reached, and with ample parking to boot. Also, make sure that the venue is equipped with ramps for guests with disabilities

If your event will be held for several days and you’ve invited out-of-town guests, consider the location’s proximity to hotel accommodations, airports, and dining establishments.

Size and Layout

Before you secure your venue, verify the number of guests that you will be expecting for your event. From there, you can choose a venue depending on the capacity it can provide. Aim for a venue that has a capacity limit slightly above that of your target audience to avoid an overcrowded event. Also, bear in mind the layout of the place. Visualize the flow of your activities and the design you want for your event. Then align those with the floor plan of the venue.


Think about the type of event you’re hosting. Is the venue appropriate for the theme of the event? Is it giving off the vibe you’re aiming for? Consider the feel that you want to create and make sure it translates to the venue you have chosen.

Services and Amenities

Verify first what kind of services and amenities a place offers before choosing an event venue. Here are some questions to consider.

  • Does the venue offer catering services? 
  • Does it have adequate tables, chairs, and linens you can use? 
  • Are there any audio and video systems available? 
  • Are there set up and cleaning crew to make sure the venue is clean before and after the event? 
  • Is there Wi-Fi available? 

Clearly, there are several things to consider when choosing an event venue. But if you follow these, you’ll surely find your perfect venue. Reminder: don’t forget to schedule a site visit!

Now, if you need assistance in planning your event, we’re here to lend you a hand!



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