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The 20 Biggest Wedding Trends You Can Expect to See in 2022

1. Bridgerton-Inspired Weddings

One of the top wedding trends in 2022  is, Inspired by the “Quintessentially English cottagecore aesthetic ” where the mélange of vintage, cozy, countryside living. Incorporate in personalized, dainty romantic details of the wedding.

2. Renting Wedding Dresses
The most sustainable and monetary wise decisions to make! Why not?! 😉

3. Anni-ceptions, because we are Saving for the best! Some couples opt for an intimate Micro wedding ceremony this year while preparing for a much extravagant wedding reception. A celebration, after a year of the wedding? To that, we got you covered!

4. No Booze Weddings
Replacing booze for several fun, fresh, quirky non-alcoholic beverages out of the menu?! Health-conscious, we heard you. Just serve the best-customized drink for the best day and you are welcome!

5. Earthy, Nature-Inspired Palettes
The subtle use of nude warm neutral tones often evolves in the elements of wood, dried flowers, plants.

6. Drag Queen Balls
Having a once in a lifetime event means adding a little extra combining fun and extravagance in one party. And you can’t say a once-in-a-lifetime event without Drag Queens! Giving the energy and FUN your event needs!

7. Two-Piece Wedding Dresses
One of the unique Aesthetic approaches in breaking the traditional wedding dress. Mix and Match with Trousers combo, and other stylish ensembles that remain functional yet trendy.

8. Unusual Wedding  Entertainment.
The Authentic feels of live entertainment performance of bands from jazz to acoustic and consider adding the Saxophone soloist on your wedding, too.

9. Sustainable Wedding Table Designs
Dried flowers for the centerpiece, potted plants, and wooden tables. Favors that double as escort cards or décors are definitely in season!

10. Upcycled Wedding Fashion
Upcycled and repurposed pieces, get their update! Plus a cost-efficient way to steal the trend.

11. Not your ordinary Cake
Cake beyond just a flavor? Aesthetic feels. Checked. Flavor. Checked. Flavor and memories in a piece of cake. On it!

12. Back Garden Escapism
The backyard is an open space that offers natural rays of light. The lush green canvas is where you can get to personalize more or even DIY a setup.

13. Bright, Bold Splashes
The outburst of colors? Match them into a display of Catchy Pop Art welcome signage! Bright bouquets, vibrant photo backdrops, and intricate details to your centerpieces too.

14. Wedding Creches
Children add an extra part to your day, bringing a youthful and vibrant atmosphere to your big day. Thus, providing childcare, assistance to the little ones while parents are enjoying the moment. Safety and enjoyment come hand in hand.

15. Destination Elopements
The adventure is just about to kick-off! In search of several packages that visualize the concept of each adventurous couple? May it be from tropical to winter. We’re up for the challenge!

16. Statement Outerwear
Experimenting with fashion? Adding a coat as the new ensemble for your wedding is on the list.

17. Multi-Sensory Experiences
The sparks of ideas have no limit.
Scented venue? Whimsical twists to food? drink? Decor and venue? The list goes on!

18. Vegan Wedding Food
Considering that most of our guests opt to change their food and lifestyle. Providing food options that are vegan-friendly and gluten-free adds a remarkable experience to our special ones.

19. Small Wedding Cakes
Diverse flavors in the different sizes of miniature cakes? The more the merrier!

20. Feeling Overwhelmed
It’s finally happening! The Big Day we’ve all been waiting for may have taken us several lockdowns and panic attacks. Yet we are here. The most long-awaited event is indeed overwhelming! So let us, Event Planner handle the rest! Check out our works here. 
Unravel all the beauties and concepts in your most authentic event. Be present and enjoy the moment! Congratulations, beautiful!


The 20 Biggest Wedding Trends to Expect for 2022
The 20 Biggest Wedding Trends to Expect for 2022


The 20 Biggest Wedding Trends You Can Expect to See in 2022
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