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From choosing the perfect venue to selecting the right flowers, there are countless decisions to be made in planning a wedding thus making it as exciting as it is challenging.

I’m sure you’re asking yourselves a ton of questions right now: where to begin, where to look for vendors, what to consider when picking out a venue, these are but a few things running through the mind of someone who is planning their own wedding.

To help make the process a little easier, here are some wedding planning tips to keep in mind to help lessen the stress and to help you have a smooth and memorable wedding. 

Start early

Wedding schedule

Planning a wedding takes time, so it’s important to start early. 

Starting early is one of the most important things to keep in mind. By creating a timeline and checklist, you can ensure that you’re staying on track and not missing anything important. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you don’t forget anything important. 

This can also help you avoid feeling overwhelmed or stressed as the wedding day approaches.

Set a budget

Wedding budget

Weddings can be expensive, so it’s important to set a budget early on. 

By setting a budget early on, you can help ensure that you’re staying within your means and not overspending on any particular aspect of the wedding. 

Consider what is most important to you and allocate your budget accordingly. This will help you avoid overspending and ensure that you don’t end up with any surprises down the line.

Choose the right venue

Wedding Venue

The venue is one of the most important aspects of a wedding, so choose wisely. 

This is where the wedding will take place, so it’s important to select a space that is the right size and ambiance for your needs. 

Don’t forget to factor in any special requirements you may have, such as accessibility or catering options.

Select the perfect dress

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of the big day. 

Take your time to find the perfect dress that fits your style and personality. Be sure to factor in alterations and fittings into your timeline.

Hire the right vendors

Wedding Bouquet

From photographers to caterers, there are a lot of vendors that you will need to hire. 

Take your time to research and choose the right ones that fit your style and budget. Don’t forget to read reviews and ask for references.

Don’t forget the details

Wedding Souveneirs

Details matter, so don’t forget to think about the little things. From invitations to favors, every detail should reflect your style and personality. 

Consider hiring a wedding planner to help you with the details and ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day. The little things can make a big difference when it comes to creating a wedding that truly reflects your style and personality.

Hiring a wedding planner can be a great way to ensure that everything is taken care of and that you’re able to relax and enjoy the process

Remember to enjoy the process

Married Couple

Wedding planning can be stressful, but it’s also a time to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Don’t forget to take a step back and enjoy the process. 

Spend time with your partner and celebrate the journey together.


Planning a wedding can be a lot of work but at the end of the day, your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life and it’s important to enjoy it and live in the moment. Preparing for it will help you be less anxious and worried on your wedding day so that you can focus more on being present.



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