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During a company event, engagement with your audience is one of the utmost priorities. Why? Because it makes your event fun and promotes awareness of your brand. And the more participants actively join your event, the better the experience for everyone involved.

Now, how do you improve engagement with your audience? How do you ensure that your event is engaging and fun enough for your guests? In this post, we will share some ways to make your event more fun and exciting! 

7 Ways to Make Your Event More Fun and Exciting

Build Anticipation Before the Event

Now that social media is used by everyone, create a teaser for your upcoming event and share the event on your social sites. A compelling invitation would build excitement with your audience. 

Plan a Game or Competition

Competitions and games make an event more fun and engaging. Not only will it allow participants to have a chance to win great prizes, but this will enable your audience to build relationships while participating in the competition. 

Social Media Contests

One way to make your event fun is through social media contests. Have photo contests to select the most creative images captured during the event and pair them with a designated hashtag. You can also let the participants be the judge by letting them vote by liking or sharing the picture on social media. This would bring a fun atmosphere and great exposure to your brand. 

Start the event with a Bang

Capture your audience at the start of your event. The first impression makes a big impact so begin strong. Make your participants curious and have them take part in a quick fun poll, share an interesting story or ask a provocative question. By doing this, you lock their attention to the ongoing event.

Get Them Up and Moving

At some point in the event, sitting still can be excruciating. Get creative and have them stand up and move during the event. This can be an icebreaker or a quiz where people stand up to answer, instead of raising their hands. 

Immerse your Audience

As everyone is almost online now, it’s wise to have a centerpiece that shouts “take a photo with me!” A unique art piece or a cake, just about anything picturesque enough that would make guests talk about the event on the following days. 

Send thank-you notes

Send thank-you notes to your participants. This will remind them of the fun and amazing event that had transpired.

Now, if you get overwhelmed, there’s always a professional event planner that you can hire to help you with the logistics of the event. Because as much as you want to be hands-on with this event, it will take some time to organize tasks and ideas. Proper guidance from a professional will help ease the difficult part of planning your company event. 



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