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As exciting as it seems, throwing a party can pretty much be fueled with pressure. If you want to make the event thrilling for all involved, you have to elevate your party. One way to do that is to throw themed parties. Parties are a lot more entertaining when they are themed!

Planning themed parties may be overwhelming. That’s a given but once you take it one step at a time, your job will become a lot easier. To make it even more stress-free, you can request an event planner’s assistance in planning such a party!

So what are some tips for throwing themed parties, you ask? Here are some that you should take into account!

Tips for throwing themed parties

Choose a theme

The first step in throwing a themed party is to decide on a theme. If you want your guests to dress up for your party, choose a theme that allows them to easily create or buy costumes. A great theme party gets people excited about your party and encourages everyone to participate by dressing the part. Think about Met Gala, but better! Because everyone can actually follow the theme.  

Use Pinterest

Once you’ve already decided on a theme for your party, check out the internet. Take Pinterest for example. It is a gold mine of information to take inspiration from. Create your own boards and pin the ideas that most resonate with you. This way, you would be more organized and stay on top of things. 

Themed Invitation

Following the theme is important when it comes to themed parties. Which better place to start than with your invitation? Follow the motif and use some catchphrases apt for the theme. If you require your guests to arrive in desired attire, let it be known in your invitation. 

Encourage Guests

To make guests anticipate your upcoming event, encourage them to dress the part. Prepare a best-dressed competition to acknowledge those who really gave their all to match the theme of the event. 


When it comes to themed parties, it is important that you immerse your guests in the theme. Style and decorate your venue. Choose colors and create backdrop that suit the theme. The goal is to transport your guests to a new time and place when they enter the event space. Also, scatter some decorations and fun facts matching the theme. This would surely become a conversation starter for your party. 

Party-themed food and drinks

What’s a party without food and beverages? Up your game by matching the decorations of your food and drinks with the theme of the party. You can style your cake or have signature drinks. If you don’t want to compromise the quality of your food or drinks, style the bar or tableware instead. 

Themed activities

Plan themed activities for your guests that would match the theme of your party. This will keep your guests entertained and elevate your party. It would also make for some good memories later on.

Themed music and entertainment

Most themes have specific music associated with them. Set the mood by playing background music apt for the theme. You can also hire some entertainers to compliment your theme and add to the overall atmosphere. Also, a photo booth for your guests would be amazing to take cute pictures in. 

By following the tips above, throwing a themed party would definitely make your guest happy and satisfied. 



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